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Title:  Four Song Settings

Scored for:  Mezzo SopVoice & Viols (Trb., Tn. & B.)

Available from:

Catalog: PRB Productions, Contemporary Vocal Series No. 7

Level: High Intermediate    

Description: These all use famous melodies presented in the tradition song fashion, but with constantly shifting accompaniments for the viols.

  1. Go Crystal Tears (melody by John Dowland) (c. 4′, 40″)
  2. Rest Sweet Nimphs (melody by Francis Plkington) (c. 4′, 20″)
  3. Coventry Carol Fantasia (melody by Robert Croo) (c. 3′, 49″)
  4. Go Down Moses (Spiritual melody) (c. 2′, 25″)


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Title:  Song for the Beloved (c. 10′, 45″)

Scored for:  Mezzo SopVoice & Viols (Trb., Tn.1 & 2 and B.) – Parts available.

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Catalog: AWP0018

Level: High Intermediate to advanced

Description: This is a setting of selected portions of the “Song of Songs.”  The text is adapted from the Masoretic translation.