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Choral Music


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Title: Sigh No More Ladies

Scored for: SAB Chorus and Piano

Available from:

Catalog: AWP0015

Level: High School level and up.         

Description: A set of four short choral settings (with piano accompaniment) of four of the song lyrics found in Shakespeare plays.

  1. It Was a Lover and His Lass (c. 2′, 10″)
  2. Sigh No More, Ladies (c. 2′)
  3. Take, O Take Those Lips Away (c. 1′, 40″)
  4. O Mistress Mine (c. 2′, 20″)

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Title: Spring Returns, Three New Madrigals on Old Madrigal Texts

Scored for: SAB  a cappella Chorus

Available from:

Catalog: AWP0024

Level: High School level and up.         

Description: Four new settings of 16th century Madrigal lyrics.

  1. Spring Returns (c. 1′, 25″)
  2. Rest Sweet Nymphs (c. 1′, 50″)
  3. Mother, I Will Have A Husband (c. 2′, 30″)

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Title: Caroling

Scored for: SATB voices

Available from:

Catalog: AWP0020

Level: All levels.        

Description: A collection of 115 carols presented in traditional hymn-book format and is designed to be used for holiday caroling.

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Title: I Am, You Anxious One (5′, 35″)

Scored for: SATB  a cappella Chorus

Available from:

Catalog: AWP0030

Level: College        

Description: SATB a cappella setting of a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke from “Poems from the Book of Hours,” with translation by Babette Deutsch (by permission from New Directions Publishing).

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